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How can we, as current college students and former Parsippany students, help the high school Class of 2020, during this unprecedented time?

It's no surprise that the Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted almost every part of our day-to-day lives. High school seniors, in particular, have been deprived of the traditional resources they would normally have as they transition into their first year of college. In addition, many college students now find themselves at home, as the pandemic has put a pause on their summer plans.

So, we asked the question: how can we, as current college students and former Parsippany students, help the high school Class of 2020? What if there were a platform for Parsippany high school students to connect with and learn from Parsippany college students? Thus, on a sunny day in May, Parsippany College Connect was born. 

We hope that Parsippany College Connect provides an online platform to build community in our town during a time when we may feel the most disconnected. This grassroots effort created by Parsippany students for Parsippany students provides a way we, as alumni of the Parsippany-Troy Hills District, can lend a helping hand to a graduating Class of 2020 who deserve to feel comfortable and supported as they enter the next chapter of their lives!



  1. Learn: Understand what college is all about through resources and personal experiences provided by current Parsippany college students.

  2. Connect: Get in touch with current Parsippany college students who are eager to share their passions and interests with you!


Thank you to all faculty, teachers, and Parsippany-Troy Hills School District students past and present for their contributions to this ongoing project.

Special thanks go to Mrs. Van Wingerden of Parsippany High and Mrs. Mejia of Parsippany Hills for their initial feedback and support.

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