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A Hybrid Semester on Campus

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

William Yang

PHHS '18, Brown University '22

Major: Applied Math-Computer Science

Activities: Brown Taiwan Society, Brown Outdoor Leadership Training

Highlight of School: "Remote classes has its perks — I can attend classes while making breakfast and being in the same room as friends and family. I can also save transportation time and have a more flexible schedule! When school resumes in-person, though, the highlight of college is definitely meeting, befriending, and connecting with people of all different backgrounds and interests."

Challenge of School: "At times, college has definitely been overwhelming for me with the new environment, independence, and freedom. I also have struggled more in classes in college as opposed to high school. My advice is to definitely reach out to upperclassmen, friends, and family for support, as well as seeking out resources that the university provides."

Advice for Other Students: "One of the most difficult parts of college is time management, especially in this virtual format. I still suck at this honestly. In college, there is less class time, structure, and guidance; instead, there is more independence, and longer deadlines. Learning how to manage time is very important — I suggest using Google Calendar, Google Tasks, or some other tool to oversee and manage all of these commitments and tasks. With this said, I want to emphasize that self-care is even more important — your mental and emotional health should take number one priority!"

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