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Balancing an on-Campus Job

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Nathalia Gallo

PHHS '17, Fairleigh Dickinson University '21

This is going to cover how to manage a job on campus while also finding time for my academics and sport. I am currently a junior at Fairleigh Dickinson University and major in Accounting. I also plan on pursuing my MBA in management once I graduate. I am also a part of the Women’s Soccer Team so time management is very crucial especially while having a job on campus and keeping up with my academics.

On campus, I work with Athletics, which means that I attend almost all of the sport events. Depending on what is needed, the job includes scoreboard, music, keeping track of the substitutes, and a few more. My job varies depending on what sport it is as every sport needs different people for different jobs. I try to schedule my classes all in the morning after soccer practice, which runs from 7-9am so that I have a period of time to do homework or study after classes are over. Then at night is usually when the sporting events happen so I manage my time wisely by giving myself a few hours to do all of my homework before I have to head into work, which I love doing. Academics will always come first over any sport or jobs; therefore, you really have to be committed to spending a few hours a day to getting everything done before you do your extracurricular activities. If you are interested in getting a job on campus you can get in contact with your advisor or career development office.

Some advice that I can give you is to write everything down. Every homework assignment, write down when you have to work and from what time, and if you are a part of any sports write down the times of your practices or games. Once you do that you can see where you can fit in homework and studying, it is crucial to make time for school as it will make your college life ten times easier. Another piece of advice is to also find time for yourself. These could be stressful times if you are involved in a lot of extracurriculars. I personally always give myself an hour of a break to just slow down and process everything. Balancing soccer, a job, and academics can be stressful if you don’t plan out your day and make a schedule for yourself. I also try to have all of my work done by Friday so that I can take Saturday and Sundays as my “rest” days, usually those days are game days for me, but it’s always nice to have your weekend “off” so you can relax.

Overall, I believe that it is definitely worth getting a job on campus as it is super time-efficient that you don’t have to travel anywhere for a job. It will be hard to manage a job, academics, and if you are playing any sport, but it is part of the experience. If you plan your days out it will all be worth it at the end!

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