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Jessica Phillips, PHS '16 and Monmouth University '20

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Senior Spotlight, May 22

When I graduated from the Parsippany-Troy Hills School District in 2016, I walked away not only with great friends and memories but also with strong bonds with the staff who had all influenced my education for those 12 years. Seeing the influence that my own educators had on me and my growth not only as a student but as an individual encouraged me to want to be a teacher myself. At Monmouth University, I have had 300+ hours of experience in elementary school grade classrooms and have even studied abroad in both England and China where I had the opportunity to learn about global education programs.

"Working with students is so meaningful to me because I have the opportunity to shape their young minds and teach them not only about math and reading, but teach them life lessons as well."

Seeing my students each day and knowing that I am having a positive influence on their lives reassures me that being a teacher is the correct career path for me. I am happy to announce that I am officially a licensed teacher in the state of New Jersey! However, before getting a classroom of my own, I will be completing a 1 year Master’s Program for Teaching Students with Disabilities. I was inspired to join this program because I have two family members who have disabilities and I see first hand what their struggles are like inside and outside of the classroom. Special education is a field that has grown immensely throughout the last 70 years and I want to be certified to help all students who come from different backgrounds and lifestyles.

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