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Making Friends in College

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Taylor Newman

PHS '17, William Paterson University '21

Making friends is one of the greatest and most important experiences in college. The friendships you create will last a lifetime. As I approach my senior year at William Paterson University, I have connected and met tons of amazing people. I have been lucky to make friends from all grades and majors which has given me the opportunity to understand and learn new things outside of my major and comfort zone. My group of friends have made me more confident and excited to go to class and be involved on campus. As an art major, I am constantly interacting with my classmates during studio time and critiques. The more I get to know my classmates the more comfortable and smoother class would go. Making friends in college will allow you to gain a greater set of social skills that will be helpful in situations such as in class presentations which in turn will help with future job interviews. While college is one of the best times in a person's life, it is also sometimes stressful, so having a supportive group of friends who you can relate to makes the experience more positive.


1) Get involved: Getting involved in on campus life will increase the amount of people you meet. Major events such as homecoming, sporting events or fairs are great events to be a part of. Also, joining clubs will give you the opportunity to meet people with the same interests and passions as you.

2) Join your class social media pages: Be a part of your graduating classes Facebook group and other social media is a good indirect way to connect with people on campus.

3) Talk to people in your classes: It may be difficult to start a conversation with a complete stranger but, it is an easy way to get to know your classmates. Once you get to know them, it can open opportunities for study partners or lunch dates. Getting to know people you’ll have classes with for your entire college experience can become greatly beneficial. You will have people to help you or answer questions when the professor isn’t available.

4) Invite classmates to tag along: As a college freshman, chances are that the person next to you in class is just as nervous as you are. Invite your classmate(s) to lunch or to get coffee after class. Taking charge and breaking the ice with them can make them feel comfortable and welcomed.

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