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Staying Healthy During Quarantine

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Brittani Vecchia

PHHS '18, Caldwell University '22

During the past few months, I’m sure staying healthy has been a priority in many households. As time has passed, it has become important to not only be mindful of staying healthy from COVID, but also staying physically and mentally healthy in other ways. Days can be long if you are cooped up in your room swamped with work, or simply have no reason to leave the house. I’m the type of person who can’t sit still or do nothing for too long. Of course, there are days where I watch Netflix all day, but for the most part I need to keep myself moving to avoid boredom and irritability.

Before my semester ended, I would be in my room on my computer for anywhere from 5-9 hours a day between classes and working from home. At first, I thought it wasn’t that bad. Sitting at home with unlimited access to coffee and snacks was ideal, but the work and being inside all day became so draining. I would try to go outside during my breaks and get some fresh air whenever I could. Luckily, it's that time of the year when the weather is really nice, so I suggest taking advantage of this any way you can. I have found that going outside and staying active improves and maintains physical AND mental health. Here are some tips I have found to be helpful-

  • Get fresh air! Being stuck at home all day can be a real bummer, but getting a little bit of fresh air and sunlight each day could help improve your mood.

  • Go for a run or a walk! Throughout quarantine, I have found running to relieve a lot of stress, maintain my physical health, and escape my house for a little while. Even walking around the neighborhood gets you out of the house and keeps you active.

  • Find ways to stay active inside! If the weather outside keeps you from going out, there are many ways to stay active in your house too. For example, you can search videos on YouTube and there are so many work outs, exercises, and yoga videos if you’re into that to keep you going.

  • Make a healthy meal! During school, I often found it hard to enjoy a full meal in between classes and work. Now that I have been home for over three months, I make time to cook myself a nice, healthy meal or make a good breakfast or lunch. Not only will this keep you busy, it will help you maintain energy and your physical health!

  • Go on an adventure! Whatever your definition of an adventure is, do something fun for yourself! Now that a lot of parks have opened back up, there are so many more things to do outside. Find a place to go hiking or venture off near a lake (while following social distancing rules and other regulations, of course!) This can provide you with an opportunity to get out of your house if you’re tired of it, and to escape whatever stress or anxiety you might be feeling.

The overall message I want everyone to take away from this is to take care of yourself. Stay safe from COVID, but also keep yourself sane. You will find that in college, physical and mental health is important in order to succeed academically and to balance your life and any crazy situations you are bound to encounter.

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