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Taking Up an On-Campus Job

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Mikayla Acree

PHHS '18, Kings College '22

“Live by grace, not perfection.” This sign was given to me by my boss and sits on my desk in the office. I decided to accept an on-campus job at the beginning of my sophomore year. Going into college, I knew I wanted to be involved and take advantage of opportunities while still maintaining time for my academics. After becoming acquainted with the campus and the college lifestyle, I knew getting a job on campus would be extremely beneficial.

I work as the student Public Relations/Marketing Coordinator for my college’s theatre department. I get to use skills I learn in the classroom such as graphic design, advertising, and communication skills, and apply it to something I love. Theatre is something I’m very passionate, knowledgeable, and experienced in so it’s a great opportunity to gain familiarity in a field I intend on working in. I encourage students to find an on-campus job that somehow correlates with their major. Experience is incredibly crucial and will be helpful when time to apply for jobs in the real world. Not just because of the job itself, but the time management and organization skills that go into upholding an on-campus position are important too. You’d be surprised as to how many opportunities you will find just on campus! Food services, athletics, and student activities are just a few of many examples.

For my job, I’m required to work 10 hours a week either in the office or remotely. I have the flexibility to work on weekends and count out of office work towards my hours. This may sound like a lot of time, but in college you’d be surprised as to how much time you have out of the classroom. Usually, I work 2 hours M-TH and 2 hours on the weekend. This is my personal choosing and I can alter hours whenever. Balancing school and work have allowed me to be more organized and manage my time better. As for payment, I get paid minimum wage biweekly. It’s not an extreme paycheck, however every little bit counts. I personally contribute to paying for my textbooks, room and board, as well as online summer classes. Since I’m a resident, I have a meal plan and don’t spend a lot of money because I’m too busy doing things on campus! This has made it pretty easy to save up the money I make from my work study position in order to pay for these things.

My favorite part about having a job on campus is the people I work with. Throughout your college journey, it's essential to get to know your professors and mentors. I love learning from people with experience and building relationships. You never know when you will need a letter of rec, help with a school assignment, or simply to have someone to reach out to when in need of guidance. You learn a lot from the people who you’re surrounded by and gain insight from others. I love working with people who share the same passions as me. Having this job has allowed me to create relationships and learn from others.

Every individual’s college experience is so different, as it should be. I encourage students to not strive for perfection, but simply do what they love, take advantage of opportunities, and be the best version of themselves. Having an on-campus job has given me the opportunity to build my resume, meet new people, earn money, and do something that makes me happy.

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