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Classes 4 A Cause

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Riya Dadheech

The Cause

COVID-19 has caused a multitude of issues in our community. It is our duty to work together to solve these problems.

Ever since the pandemic began many families have been losing their jobs and because of this many of these families are not capable of supplying food for their family. Children are forced to sleep hungry. Can you imagine going to bed starving? These young children definitely don’t deserve this. That is why it is our responsibility to help support our community.

The Solution

When I learned of this issue I knew I had to help. I began a unique initiative called Classes 4 A Cause. I gathered a group of middle and high school students and through his initiative we held online classes. 100% of the funds we raised are being donated to delivering food to our local food pantries. We successfully held two 6 week sessions with weekly classes and 3 weeks of a summer camp. We were able to raise more than $4,000 and deliver more than 2,000 lbs of food. Please visit our website for more info.

How Can You Help?

We will be running a year long program beginning September 27, 2020. The classes will be once every week. Students can select from a variety of amazing classes such as Python, Java Script, Scratch, Hindi, Spanish, Chess, Film design, Art and much more. They will get to dive deep into these subjects and throughout the year they will be able to further their knowledge upon the subject. 100% of the funds we raise will be donated to supporting our community. The donation fee is only $30 each month.

There are a couple of ways you can help. First we are looking for teachers to donate their time to helping our cause. We only need the teachers to commit to a couple of hours each week to help our community. We need enthusiastic and great teachers to help teach these virtual classes. We are also open to any other class suggestions even if the class is not yet listed. Together we could really make a difference.

Another way to help by spreading the word about Classes 4 A Cause and how Classes 4 A Cause is helping to make a difference in our community. We need YOUR help to find more students to enroll in our program. This program is a win-win for everyone. Students will be benefited by learning new subjects while the parents will also be helping to support their community. You can spread the word in group chats and social media as well as friends, family and even siblings and have people you know enroll their children in C4C. This can be done at our website It would also be a great help if you could make a donation at our website.

Before C4C

Classes 4 A Cause is being run under the umbrella of my 501(c)3 organization Purple Paint. I founded Purple Paint in 2018. For the past two years I have been making paintings and selling them at a variety of charity events and donating 100% of the proceeds to supporting multiple causes. Through Purple Paint I have been able to raise more than $35,000, 100% of which has been donated to various charities. Please visit for more info.

I was also working on a unique project called Girl’s Dignity and Empowerment. Many schools all around the world do not have proper toilet facilities. Because of this many girls drop out of school giving up their dreams and education. Simple because their school could not provide them with simple toilets. About 128 million school children in India do not have access to proper toilet facilities. Learning this broke my heart. I was in tears just knowing that girls just like me were not able to pursue their dreams all because their community could not build some toilets. That is why I decided I had to help. So far I have been able to build 39 toilets and impact more than 2,000 girls. In total I have raised $35,000. Covid has slowed our progress down but another 100 toilets are being planned over the next several months as Covid eases out.

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